TAP SF Presents: 2016 Taiwanese Brunch Series

Taiwanese Brunch Series

TAP-SF Membership branch welcomes all of you to 2016 Taiwanese brunch event and with more to come. The main dish is the traditional Taiwanese small hot pot. And the feature dessert is the delicious shaved snow ice. After brunch, we will go bowling together and burn some calories. We would like to use this opportunity to build a local community and to get to know one another in a smaller group setting and a fun environment.


+ First come first served, limited to 30 seats, registration per Eventbrite.

+ If you are reserving a seat for a friend or two, please ensure enter their names and emails upon registration.

+ Please select your entree choice on the Eventbrite, otherwise it will be the default selection which is the “Fashion Wok”. Please let us know if you have any special dietary restriction.


Price – Brunch Only:

TAP-SF Members Only Brunch Ticket -Free, before  04/06/2016

TAP-SF Non-Members Brunch Ticket -$4.14, before  04/06/2016

TAP-SF Members Brunch Ticket -$5, after 04/06/2016

TAP-SF Non-Members Brunch Ticket -$7, after 04/06/2016

Last Minutes or At Door Brunch Ticket: $10.00

*Brunch: every person is requested to bring extra $20 cash for food (includes appetizer, individual hot pot entree, dessert, tax, and tips) *


Price – Brunch + Bowling:

TAP-SF Members Brunch + 2 hours bowling – $13.50 before 04/06/2016

TAP-SF Non-Members Brunch + 2 hours bowling – $16.00 before 04/06/2016

TAP-SF Members Brunch + 2 hours bowling – $17.50 after 04/06/2016

TAP-SF Non-Members Brunch + 2 hours bowling – $22.00 after 04/06/2016

TAP-SF Membership + Brunch Ticket + 2 hours Bowling Bundle – $40 before 04/08/2016

*Brunch: every person is requested to bring extra $20 cash for food (includes appetizer, individual hot pot entree, dessert, tax, and tips) *

*Bowling: price above includes tax, tips, shoes, and bowling lane rental for up to six people per lane for two hours



Our current paid members will be given priority and are encouraged to bring a friend or two. Following we welcome those who wish to learn a bit more about TAP-SF. The representing board members would love to answer questions / take any feedback about our organization and membership from all.



Brunch- Fashion Wok

Address: 929 Edgewater Blvd, Foster City, CA 94404



Bowling-Bel Mateo Bowl

Address: 4330 Olympic Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403




Appetizer: Taiwanese Fried Mixed Plate

(Popcorn Chicken, Fried Octopus, Crispy Tofu, String Beans)


Entree: Small Hot Pot

(One small individual hot pot per person, choose one from below)

Fashion Wok

Secret Lamb Wok

Spicy Beef Wok


Dessert: Shaved Snow Ice

(Mango, Green Tea, Strawberry, and Taro Flavors)



10:00 AM-10:30 AM ~ Registration + Mingling

10:30 AM-12:00 PM ~ Taiwanese Brunch & Map Drawing Competition

12:00 PM-12:15 PM ~ TAP-SF Membership Benefit, Q & A Session

12:30 PM-14:00 PM ~ Bowling (Optional)



Candy Chen

Membership & Cultural Chair



Whether you are looking for the comfort of Taiwanese night market staples or wish to experience some tasty Taiwanese food for the first time, we just want to welcome and thank you for being a part of the TAP-SF family and hope you all enjoy this taste of Taiwan event!



For more information on TAP-SF, visit us at www.tap-sf.org


Do I have to be Taiwanese or Asian-American to join?

* Nope. All everyone is welcome!


What is the minimum age requirement?

* You must be 21 years of age to attend.


–About TAP-SF–

TAP enhances the Taiwanese American community by networking individuals interested in career and professional development, while emphasizing the preservation of Taiwanese American identity. TAP provides resources and programs that inspire and empower; develop and support professionals to become community-oriented leaders.


TAP focuses on Leadership, Identity, Networking, and Community (LINC).


TAP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization through its parent organization, Taiwanese American Citizens League (http://tacl.org/).

WHENSunday, April 10, 2016 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM (PDT) – Add to CalendarWHEREFashion Wok – 929 Edgewater Blvd 929 Edgewater Boulevard, Foster City, CA 94404 – View Map