Taiwanese American Cultural Festival 2014

Taiwanese American Cultural Festival 2014

When: Saturday, May 10 2014 10am – 6pm
Where: Union Square, San Francisco


The 22nd Taiwanese American Cultural Festival will be held on Saturday, May 10th, 2014 at Union Square in San Francisco. At the festival, attendees will have the opportunity to experience a characteristic element of Taiwan – the “night market”, learn more about Taiwan’s history and Taiwanese Americans in the Bay Area, as well as enjoy Taiwanese delicacies. On the stage, there will be performances presented by the Dance Department of the National Taiwan University of Arts and local Taiwanese American musicians, including the alternative rock band, Johnny Hi-Fi and more.

Last year, more than 5,000 visitors attended the festival. We were honored to have distinguished guests, including Jackie Speier, US Congresswoman; David Chiu, President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors; and Gavin Newsom, former Mayor of San Francisco and current California State Lieutenant Governor.

The exhibitions at the festival will include display of Taiwanese glove puppets (people figurines) as well as video clips and live performance of Taiwanese Glove Puppet Show (present the Lunar/ Eastern Zodiac Story), Taiwanese arts and crafts, games with prizes, visual displays to illustrate Taiwanese technology, as well as a marketplace with orchids from Taiwan. In addition, people should not leave the festival without tasting traditional Taiwanese food and learning about the beautiful tourist attractions in Taiwan.

Are you a Taiwanese-American high school or undergraduate student in need of financial aid? Come apply for our scholarship program. Scholarship recipients will be presented at the festival. More information and applications can be found here: Scholarship Applicants