NEW SECTION: “Rescue Dog of the Month”

To our valued members,

At TAP-SF, we strive to make an impact on the community and support charity efforts both in Taiwan and in the Bay Area. That’s why today, I am extremely excited to announce TAP-SF’s new partnership with animal rescue Love & Second Chances. The organization helps place both local and international strays from Formosa in new, loving homes

On Sunday, TAP team members arrived at SFO to meet the rescue organizers and families awaiting their new four legged friends. It was incredibly special. The amount of effort that is put into rescuing these animals is staggering. It takes so much love.

DogOfTheMonth - Oscar

Here we are with beautiful golden retriever, Oscar. Months ago, his situation was completely different – abused, neglected. Today, Oscar faces a much brighter future. I’m grateful there are rescues that help give animals in need a new lease on life – and I am glad TAP-SF is now a part of that movement.

As part of the partnership, TAP-SF will be featuring a special dog up for adoption. We have opened up a new area on the website, called “Rescue Dog of the Month”. I encourage you to spread the word, donate to the cause, and stay tuned for volunteer opportunities on how you can give back. Together, we can make a great impact on the lives of thousands.

Onwards and Upwards,

Stephanie Lin
TAP-SF President