Monthly Mix:February

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Welcome to month of Saint Valentine!

Starting off with February, TAP-SF will offer month mixes for you to enjoy!

Check out the playlist on the TAP-SF Channel:

Here are the picks of the month and fun facts about them:

  1. “I will be by your side” by Bii and Miu Zhu
    This catchy duet got it’s claim to fame as a plug in song for the drama “Love Around (真愛黑白配)”
  2. “Gotta to Love” by Wilbur Pan and Xian Zi
    This duet has been a classic since its release in Wilbur Pan’s 4th album in 2005.
  3. “Beloved” by Genie Chou and Alien Huang
    This new release, a Taiwanese and Mandarin mixed duet, is the opening song of the drama “Just You(就是要你愛上我).”
  4. “Liang Shanbo and Juliet” by Gary Chaw and Genie Chou
    This duet, marking Genie Chou’s come back from her first album at 15, has been on the KTV duet list  since  it’s release in 2007.
  5. “Love is in the Air” by Jin Sha and JJ Lin
    This duet, composed by JJ Lin and released in JJ’s 5th Album in 2007, has been been found in variations of DDR music selections.

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