2016-2017 TAP Cabinet Application

If you’re ready to get involved and help lead TAP as a chair or committee member, we’d love to hear from you! Please review the positions below and send us an application if you think you’re a match.

Note from the Executive Leadership Team

General Requirements

  • Hold active TAP-SF paid membership
  • Adhere to TAP-SF mission statement, rules, and guidelines
  • Be responsible and accountable for any events or programs related to your position
  • Support entire board on overall TAP-SF goals and programs
  • Attend TAP retreats (unless previously excused, and national retreats are strongly encouraged)
  • Attend monthly board meetings and relevant planning meetings (unless previously excused)
  • Attend TAP-SF events when possible (encouraged to be at least two per month)
  • Communicate regularly regarding plans, status and issues (if any) of TAP-SF events and programs
  • Document all pertinent TAP-SF information (contacts, venues, etc.) for knowledge share purposes
  • Recruit, train, and manage committees to help with events and programs as needed


The Application

Fill out our application and send your resume to execs@tap-sf.org!


Cultural (Chair & Committee open)

  • Generate awareness of Taiwanese culture and history in the Bay Area
  • Coordinate with other Taiwanese orgs to create a TA presence in the community
  • Plan and execute events related to Taiwanese culture
  • Host the annual Lunar New Year Celebration (Jan/Feb)

Social (Committee: open)

  • Generate opportunities that bring together existing and future members in a social environment
  • Ensure a wide variety of social events that cater to members’ interests and locations in the Bay Area
  • Collaborate with other organizations where relevant to expand the TAP-SF network
  • Plan and execute events that are fun and a primary form of recruitment for TAP-SF membership
  • Host monthly TAPpy Hours
  • Host the annual End of Year Banquet (Aug)

Professional Development (Committee: open)

  • Generate opportunities to strengthen the professional interests of TAP-SF members
  • Plan and execute the TAP-SF Professional Series (monthly workshops/seminars)
  • Collaborate with other professional organizations where relevant
  • Build relationships with guest speakers and other figures in the professional community
  • Host an annual large-scale professional event

Community Service (Committee: open)

  • Generate opportunities for TAP-SF members to give back to the community and increase Taiwanese American presence in the community by making a difference through service
  • Plan and execute community service events that help the Taiwanese American and local community
  • Coordinate with other community organizations where relevant

Health and Wellness (Committee: open)

  • Generate and execute new ideas to promote a healthy and active lifestyle to TAP-SF members
  • Host sporting events such as Hikes, Volleyball Tournament, Bike Rides, Tahoe Trips, Beach Days, etc.
  • Organize fitness challenges and competitions

Design Chair (Chair: open)

  • Manage the overall design and branding of all TAP-SF collateral across print and digital media
  • Collaborate with the Public Relations Chair as needed on design and creation of collateral
  • Serve as the design resource for the board

Public Relations / Marketing (Chair & Committee: open)

  • Create and drive the overall public relations and marketing strategy for TAP-SF
  • Oversee all PR activities, including creation of content and review of TAP-SF public communications
  • Lead the marketing efforts of TAP-SF, including components of large events dedicated to marketing TAP-SF (i.e. hosting a table/booth at festivals)
  • Track and prepare responses for any activity or news relevant to the Taiwanese American community
  • Work closely with Design and Technology Chairs on creation and distribution of promotional materials

Membership (Committee: open)

  • Develop and execute membership strategy, including specific programs focused on growing the TAP-SF membership base
  • Manage and oversee continuous improvement of existing TAP-SF paid membership
  • Work with other board members to determine ways to leverage their events/programs to achieve membership goals

Sponsorship (Chair & Committee open)

  • Lead all fundraising efforts of TAP-SF, including general fundraising and specific events
  • Support fundraising efforts for TAP-SF events and programs as needed, including solicitation of monetary donations, in-kind contributions, and/or raffle prizes
  • Build the TAP-SF corporate sponsorship package and manage the sponsor recruitment effort

Cultural Festival Director (Committee: open)

  • Host the annual San Francisco Taiwanese American Cultural Festival (TACF)
  • Collaborate with TAP’s first generation organizations and co-hosts for TACF
  • Recruit, train, and lead the second generation team for TACF

Tech (Committee: open)

  • Innovate how the organization can run more optimally between all the communication channels.
  • Manage the communication on the website and the social outlets.
  • Propose, launch, iterate new tech ideas.