2012-2013 TAP Cabinet Applications


Dear TAP member,

Thank you for your interest in TAP Board!

TAP is structured with two layers of leadership, an elected officer team and an appointed cabinet (chairs/directors). Executive team members oversee the broader mission of TAP, while cabinet members plan and lead specific events and programs. All TAP members are eligible to apply for cabinet positions.

TAP cabinet is selected through an open application and appointment process for each term, which runs from August to August of each year. To apply for TAP cabinet position(s):

  1. Make an effort to attend TAP events and the cabinet info session to meet the new officers
  2. Reach out to officers(contact info at bottom of application) personally if desired
  3. Fill out and submit the attached Cabinet Application form by August 8, 2012 to cabinetapps@tap-sf.org
  4. Make sure to attach your resume to the application submission, per instructions below
  5. You can apply for as many cabinet positions as you like
  6. You will receive a confirmation email acknowledging your application

This year we also have an open officer position (Secretary). The Secretary position will be filled following the same process as the rest of the cabinet positions.

As you apply to cabinet, please keep in mind the following key dates that are critical to the formation of our new team for the 2012-2013 TAP year:

  • August 12: Board Orientation Meeting @ TBD (mandatory)
  • August 31-September 3: National Convention @ NYC (not mandatory but encouraged)
  • September 22-23: Board Retreat @ TBD (mandatory)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the TAP officers or email cabinetapps@tap-sf.org.

On behalf of the officer team, we look forward to your cabinet applications!


RJ Cheng
2012-2013 TAP President


Download the Cabinet Application here: 2012 TAP Cabinet Application.