2016-2017 Board Members

Previously involved in TAP-LA, Stephanie found TAP-SF to be home away from home when she first moved to the bay area in 2012. She enjoys being completely immersed in Taiwanese culture and proud of her heritage; you can easily find her stealing glances at Taiwanese variety shows and learning more about Taiwanese history. One of Stephanie’s most memorable moments in TAP was at the Asian-Heritage Festival when a bunch of TAP-SF girls, including her, started randomly dancing to the festival music at the wine booth that they were manning – who says community service can’t be fun! Since then she’s served as Treasurer, External Vice President, Performance Management of Cultural Festival and President. Stephanie graduated with a degree in Biochemistry from California State University, Los Angeles. She currently works full-time as a Program Manager at Oracle. Previously worked as Business Program Manager at a Taiwanese electronics manufacturing company, Foxconn. Among other things, Stephanie is passionate about the giving back to the community, issues surrounding education inequality, and preventive medicine education advocacy.
Originally from New Jersey, Ada moved to the Bay Area in the Fall of 2015. An active member of the Taiwanese American community, she previously served as National President of the Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Students Association (ITASA), ITASA National Development Director, and ITASA East Coast Conference Director of Operations. As a transplant, Ada was delighted to find her home away from home as part of the TAP-SF community. Ada is a recent NYU Stern alumna and passionate about human resources & people operations, leading marketing initiatives at Everwise. When she’s not at TAP events or in the office, you can find her playing with her dog Mochi, trying new exercise classes around the city or baking macarons.
Alice moved to Bay Area from the cold lands of Michigan where she completed her education at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor and worked in downtown Detroit in public accounting. She was deeply involved in the Taiwanese community during college and looks forward to continue to be involved. She discovered TAP-SF when she moved to the Bay Area and has met many great people with TAP. She is excited continue her role on the core team as Treasurer and help continue to building closer ties in the Taiwanese Community. Alice currently lives in Santa Clara, home of the new 49ers Stadium, and enjoys trying out all the amazing restaurants in the South Bay. In her spare time she enjoys baking, movies, hiking and, exploring all the fun things the Bay Area has to offer.
In 2015, Vivian served as Social and Cultural Chair of TAP-SF. Prior to this, she held the same role at TAP-Boston. She is passionate about building strong connections with people from all backgrounds and hopes to do so as a TAP-SF Board Member. By day, she is a consultant wielding ‘big data’ to make big waves in healthcare. By night, you’ll find her hunting for the best hole-in-the-wall joints across town. She’s always looking for recommendations, so let her know your favorite place that serves great Asian food or a cocktail done right. In 2017, she is excited to lead the Annual Taiwanese American Cultural Festival in Union Square. Mark May 13th on your calendar!
Sophie was born in Shanghai, China and moved to California at the age of 8. She studied business and psychology at Cal, and also minored in music. She considers herself as a foodie and ramen connoisseur. She recently learned a few Taiwanese recipes from the Youtube Academy of Fine Foods, with 炸酱面 as her favorite. Sophie loves to travel and visit new places, especially where there is good food. She joined TAP-SF in 2015 because she wanted to meet new people and be more involved in the community. Everyone was so awesome that she decided to join the board as the Community Service Chair for the 2016-2017 term!
Alex was born and raised in Taiwan. He came to the States at age of 17 and finished his senior year of high school in Bastrop, TX as an exchange student. He later finished his bachelor degree and master degree in Bellevue, WA. Having being lived in Bellevue for long period of time, he now consider there as his second home. Alex discovered TAP-SF when he moved to the Bay Area in 2014 and fall in love with this great community ever since. He then start to give back by being a committee member in 2015 and now a chair position in 2016-2017 term. He is into hiking and running and has recently finished half marathon and half dome in one weekend. He’s goal in 2017 is to complete a hike in Mt. Whitney and City to Town Challenge.
Matthew enjoys reading, socializing with friends (over board games, coffee or even whiskey!), lifting weights, hiking/backpacking/camping, self-reflection and meditation. Matthew was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and moved out to the Bay area because, well because its awesome! Matthew was introduced to TAP through the lovely Alice Chang and has since been fortunate enough to become more involved and develop friendships among the wonderful people who comprise TAP!

 Born and raised in Taiwan, Peiwen first had a bachelor’s degree in National Taiwan University. Later she went to France where she studied a master’s degree in Purchasing and worked in fashion. In 2015 she moved to the Bay Area for family reasons. Never had she been involved in a Taiwanese-based community oversea until she came across Victor who introduced TAP-SF to her. Then the journey begins! In September 2016, she decided to join the TAP-SF board as a Membership Chair and was welcomed by her warm board members as well as more new members. A few facts about Peiwen: addicted to wine and blue cheese, irresistant to anything in rose gold, a regular swimmer and a board gamer.

Albert is a Taiwanese Canadian on the TAP Chair team who grew up in Vancouver since 1994 and attended University of British Columbia with a Computer Science degree. He has just recently moved to the Bay Area in 2015 to work for a startup in the enterprise cloud space. A new city and new job means new opportunity to make new friends, half Taiwanese half Canadian, Albert is always smiling, super friendly and eager to help out. As this year’s Professional Development Chair, he hopes to bring more career networking and development opportunity for the members of TAP-SF by connecting talented TAP members with each other as they grow their careers. In his spare time, Albert has a passion for cooking and photography, keep an eye out for him taking photo at the next TAP event you attend and feel free to introduce yourself to him and make a new friend.
Steven was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, moved to the state of Maryland in the Spring of 1996. He is currently a recent transplant from TAP-DC where he served as Social Chair and became the Membership Chair of TAP-SF in 2015 and Internal Vice President for 2015-2016 term. He graduated with a BS degree in System and Control Engineering from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. In spare time, Steven loves to play basketball, volleyball, snowboarding, biking, raving, movies, catch up/hang out with friends, and meet new people!