2014-2015 Board Members

Eddie Hsu

Eddie was born and raised in Texas, and transplanted to the Bay Area in 2011. He is an avid promoter of applying technology to improve the quality of life of all humanity. As a graduate of Vanderbilt University in Mechanical Engineering, he’s always looking at how to build things better. His current occupation at Google as a Program Manager in Supply Chain and Product Data Management, has him thinking of how to solve global problems with future state technologies.

His hobbies primarily include, traveling (primarily to Asia), tasting everything under the sun, providing insight and thought leadership to the status quo.

Sanddi Lee
Sanddi was born and raised in Taiwan, came to the States 6 years ago for school, and is now working as a freelance graphic designer in the Bay Area, She was fortunate enough to be an exchange student in the States when she was in high school, and that was how her passion for introducing Taiwanese culture to the world began. She was also born in a Hakka family 客家人, thus she can also speak Hakka. So feel free to ask her anything about Hakka culture, she’ll be more than happy to share with you!
Jeffrey is Product Marketing Manager at VUDU, a video-on-demand company owned by Walmart. Yes Walmart. After 18 years in New Jersey, he escaped west, graduating from the University of Michigan with degrees in Economics and Asian Studies before moving further west to Taiwan. After stints in sales for consumer electronics, copywriting for a brand firm and marketing for a legal technology services company, he returned east for an MBA at the Yale School of Management. Afterwards, yes you guessed it, he moved west and immediately started climbing rocks, hiking hills, eating organically and—just kidding. He reads (comic) books, watches movies and TV shows, sometimes travels. Talk to him about Taiwan, digital entertainment, marketing and, of course, TAP.
Vicky Chung

Vicky was born in Taiwan, raised in California, and now works and resides in San Jose. During her undergraduate career at UC Irvine, she studied abroad at the University of Hong Kong and joined the founding board of the Taiwanese American Organization, serving as Event Coordinator. It was through her involvement in the collegiate Taiwanese-American community that she discovered her passion for sharing Taiwanese culture & heritage with others.

Vicky joined TAP-SF in January 2014 as a social & cultural committee member and, later, director of 2014’s Taiwanese American Cultural Festival. She is excited to return to the TAP-SF family as Secretary and 2015 Cultural Festival Director. In her spare time, she loves going on adventures, attending concerts, and being a goofball at KTV. Her goals include learning how to speak Taiwanese and finding authentically stinky tofu in the Bay Area. You can find her wherever there is sunshine, delicious food, and good music.

Alice Chang

Alice is new to the Bay Area from the cold lands of Michigan where she completed her education at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor and worked in downtown Detroit in public accounting. She was deeply involved in the Taiwanese community during college and looks forward to continue to be involved. She discovered TAP-SF when she moved to the Bay Are and has met many great people with TAP. She is excited to join the core team as Treasurer and help continue to building closer ties in the Taiwanese Community.

Alice currently lives in Santa Clara, home of the new 49ers Stadium, and enjoys trying out all the amazing restaurants in the South Bay. In her spare time she enjoys hiking and exploring all the fun things the Bay Area has to offer.

A passionate Taiwanese American, Stephanie has served several leadership stints in the Asian American community and is proud to represent TAP-SF as this year’s Board Advisor. Most recently, Stephanie was President of TAP-SF (2013-14), where she oversaw internal and external growth initiatives, including team recruitment, business development and event profitability. Under her leadership, TAP-SF saw membership numbers nearly triple. Today, the organization serves over 5,000 people in the San Francisco Bay Area. Stephanie also led PR and Marketing for the Taiwanese American Cultural Festival, the largest cultural event of its kind on the West Coast.

Professionally, Stephanie is active in the video game development industry and is an active gamer. She champions gender equality in the tech and gaming spaces, and encourages both men and women to speak up against discrimination in the workplace. Stephanie is listed as one of TaiwaneseAmerican.org‘s Top 100 Passionate People, and is a proud graduate of UC Berkeley. Follow her on Twitter @5tephachu.

Steven Chen

Steven was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan and moved to Maryland when he was 10 years old. Previously involved in TAP-DC, and now a TAP-SF who is passionate about building the Taiwanese community in San Francisco, CA! Steven is currently a Consultant at Netsuite, Inc. implementing Cloud ERP! He graduated with a BS degree in System and Control Engineering from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. Prior to joining Netsuite, Steven has worked for Deloitte Consulting in Washington D.C. and participated in a leadership rotational program with Eaton Corporation which allowed him to live cities such as Pittsburgh, Kalamazoo, and Cleveland —I know boring…

In spare time, Steven loves to play basketball, volleyball, snowboarding, biking, raving, movies, catch up/hang out with friends, and meet new people!

Jeffrey Yu

Vivian is a recent transplant from TAP-Boston where she served as Social and Cultural Chair from 2013-2014. She is most passionate about building strong connections with people from all backgrounds and hopes to do so as a TAP-SF Board Member. You will be quick to discover that she is a huge advocate for gender and racial equality since she is super excited to be in the Bay Area, a place she believes is most progressive in these endeavors.

By day, she is a consultant wielding ‘big data’ to make big waves in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. By night, you’ll find her hunting for the best hole-in-the-wall joints across town. She’s always looking for recommendations, so let her know your favorite place that serves great Asian food or a cocktail done right.

She is excited to join TAP-SF as the new Social and Cultural Chair.  Please don’t hesitate to say hi to Vivian at the next TAP-SF event if you haven’t already and offer her your two cents on the social and cultural things you would like to do!

Rebecca Lam
Rebecca, (aka Becky), grew up in Texas and is a graduate of Wellesley College with a major in Psychology. She earned a Master’s degree in Education from UT Austin and then moved to the Bay Area to join Teach For America, where she taught in East San Jose. She is passionate about championing teachers, bettering K-12 education, and supporting innovative edtech products that elevate the way teachers teach and kids learn. She was a classroom teacher for a few years before landing at a few edtech companies. She currently coordinates internal education classes for Googlers.Her hobbies include hiking, spin, drinking green smoothies, killing desserts, impromptu dance-offs, and connecting people professionally!
Rachael Chan
Rachael Chan was born and raised in Hong Kong. She moved to the US 11 years ago for education. She received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Accounting and Finance from Ohio State University and her Master of Business Administration from Washington University in Saint Louis. She is also a licensed Certified Public Accountant in Missouri. Rachael works full-time as a credit risk analytics consultant at one of the major banks in the country.She is passionate about helping other people in the community and networking with professionals with diverse backgrounds. She enjoys hiking, watching movies and trying out new restaurants at her leisure. She is looking forward to organizing different volunteer events and giving back to the community.
Arnold Yeung

Arnold grew up in Hong Kong and came to the Bay Area at age 13. Graduated with a Mechanical Engineer degree from UC Berkeley, he decided to enter the IT industry and is currently a Business Intelligence consultant at Teradata in SF.

Arnold has always had a passion for sports. He was the coach for the UC Berkeley badminton team for 2 years, and has placed in numerous national tournaments. When he is not at work, Arnold can often be found playing basketball and badminton, bouldering, and cliff diving. His goal for TAP-SF’s Health and Wellness branch is to ensure that every member has the means to improve their health and reach their fitness goals in a supportive and welcoming atmosphere.

Calvin Hwung

Calvin Hwung is a Taiwanese-American born and raised in Los Gatos, CA. He spent 14 years of his life in a 85% Caucasian dominant community with little regard to his heritage. In 2001, he relocated to the small town of Cupertino, CA. He began making friends with students who immigrated from Taiwan and barely spoke any English. He was forced to practice his Mandarin and greatly improved his conversational abilities. He began taking trips to Asia with these friends and overtime felt as though uncovered half of himself that always was there waiting to be discovered. He received his degree in Electrical Engineering from Santa Clara University and currently works as a partnership manager for a electrical components company. Today Calvin is extremely proud of his Taiwanese-American heritage. He joined TAP in 2012 in hope to help unlock a wonderful reality for other Taiwanese-Americans unaware of their ethnic background.

After his 2013-14 term at TAP-SF as the Social Chair, successfully directing the social team on executing various events, he has returned for the 2014-15 term as the Marketing / PR Chair. With his deep understanding of the organization and passion for his identity, he sets out this year to ensure TAP is clearly represented as a community of Taiwanese American Professionals. As the orginization continues to grow, his mission for the term is to work hand in hand with all of the programming chairs to properly brand all external facing events. He will work to emphasize the nature of the events (Social, Cultural, Community, Professional, Health+Wellness) resulting in a well balanced close knit Taiwanese American communitiy built on TAP’s pillar values of Leadership, Identity, Networking and Citizenship (LINC).

Jeffrey Yu

Jeffrey was born and raised in beautiful San Francisco. Stints spent working abroad in Singapore and Taiwan, as well as researching his own roots and visiting his ancestral home, sparked his interest in discovering and eating more Asian food. Jeffrey studied Electrical Engineering at UC Davis, and has been through a few gigs prior to his current position as a software engineer at Google. He loves hiking, food of all kind, is training to run a marathon, and will totally nerd out with you if you ask him about software development, though he still hasn’t yet grown comfortable with writing about himself in the third person.