2013-2014 Board Members

Stephanie is proud to be Taiwanese American. Prior to being elected President, Stephanie ran PR and Marketing efforts for the Taiwanese American Culture Festival and the Taiwanese American Conference, West Coast. She also covered a variety of Taiwanese American stories as an on-air reporter-producer with WNBC-TV Channel 4 in New York, and was chosen as one of TaiwaneseAmerican.org’s Top 100 Passionate People.

Stephanie graduated with a degree in Mass Communications and a minor in Chinese from UC Berkeley (Go Bears!). When not TAPping, Stephanie works full-time as a Marketing Manager at mobile games monetization start-up, Chartboost. She is passionate about the video games start-up community, entrepreneurship, and professional development for women and minorities in the workplace.

Kevin grew up in Orange County in Southern California and came up to the SF bay area to attend UC Berkeley. He currently works as a software engineer at GT Nexus Inc in Oakland.

Kevin joined TAP-SF as a member of the social committee in 2012 and has grown very fond of its goals and people. He is most passionate about increasing professional development opportunities and giving back to the community. He also believes strongly in education programs, specifically those to foster leadership, public speaking skills, and language.

In his spare time, Kevin plays the piano and badminton. He loves hanging out with friends, singing karaoke (badly), and meeting new people.

Previously involved in TAP-LA, Stephanie found TAP-SF to be home away from home when she first moved to the bay area in 2012. She enjoys being completely immersed in Taiwanese culture and proud of her heritage; you can easily find her stealing glances at Taiwanese variety shows and learning more about Taiwanese history. One of Stephanie’s most memorable moments in TAP was at the Asian-Heritage Festival when a bunch of TAP-SF girls, including her, started randomly dancing to the festival music at the wine booth that they were manning – who says community service can’t be fun!

Stephanie graduated with a degree in Biochemistry from California State University, Los Angeles. She currently works full-time as a Business Program Manager at a Taiwanese electronics manufacturing company, Foxconn. Among other things, Stephanie is passionate about the giving back to the community, issues surrounding education inequality, and preventive medicine education advocacy.

Naomi Cheng is currently an Audit Senior at Deloitte & Touche, LLP and is a licensed Certified Public Accountant. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. While at Cal, she was actively involved in Phi Beta Lambda- Future Business Leaders & developing community within the residence halls as an RA. She was born in Taiwan but grew up in Honolulu. In her spare time, she loves to travel to new places, read a good book, and meet new friends.

Gina is a proud second generation Taiwanese American born and raised in the US. As a previous member of TAP Boston Secretary for 2012-2013, she is extremely excited to join TAP San Francisco this year as secretary again. She received her B.S. from UCLA and her MPH in Biostatistics from Boston University School of Public Health and is currently working full time in analytics. Gina has a very strong Taiwanese identity and speaks both Taiwanese and Mandarin. In her spare time, she enjoys blogging, making lists, and like a true TA… discovering the next best boba shop around!

Vicky was born in Taiwan and moved to the US at the age of two. She previously lived in Arcadia, Taipei, and Fremont before moving to San Jose, where she now works and resides. During her undergraduate career at UC Irvine, she studied abroad at the University of Hong Kong for two semesters and joined the co-founding board of the Taiwanese American Organization, serving as Event Coordinator.

She is excited join the TAP family, reconnect with the Taiwanese-American community, and share her passion for Taiwanese culture and heritage. In her spare time, she loves to travel, attend concerts, read, and take pictures (not just of food). She also volunteers at Julian St. Inn with Hands On Bay Area. Her goals include learning how to speak Taiwanese and finding authentically stinky tofu in the Bay Area. You can find her wherever there is sunshine, delicious food, and good music.

Born in Taiwan, Tai had the privilege of experincing a decent amount of Taiwanese culture before he moved to America at age of 13. After he graduated from the Art Institute of California – Orange County, in Game Art and Design, Tai experienced the full diversity of American cultures by working in Wisconsin and Massachusetts for a couple of years. After returning to California in 2012, Tai is currently employed at Sledgehammer Games (an Activision studio) as a Senior Environment Artist.

Tai is fluent in Mandarin, so feel free to practice speaking it with him! Tai joined TAP-SF last year as a social committee, and after participating in multiple events, he decided become the TAP-SF culture chair. He is looking forward to offering people in the Bay an authentic experience in Taiwanese culture through fun events! See you all there!

Calvin Hwung is a Taiwanese-American born and raised in the SF Bay Area. He grew up in on the southern tip of the Silicon Valley in Los Gatos, CA, and spent 14 years of his life in a 85% Caucasian dominant community with little regard to his heritage. In 2001, he relocated to the small town of Cupertino. The town was 65% Asian. His first day at school, a classmate introduced himself and asked in Mandarin “Do you speak Chinese?” It was a shocking revelation that there were many “like him” and not all his peers were taller than him by 6 inches.

Most importantly, he began making friends with students who immigrated from Taiwan and barely spoke any English. He was forced to practice his Mandarin and greatly improved his conversational abilities. He began taking trips to Asia with these friends and discovered a world he never knew existed. He felt as though he discovered half of himself that always was there but waiting to be unlocked.

Today Calvin is extremely proud of his Taiwanese-American heritage. He has joined TAP in hope to help unlock a wonderful reality for other Taiwanese-Americans unaware of their ethnic background. As a Social Co-Chair, Calvin is looking to utilize his energetic and outgoing personality to help new individuals interested in TAP feel welcome and immerse them in our loving community.

Howard Chang was born and raised in Houston, and should not be confused with 林書豪 (Jeremy Lin) who currently plays for the Houston Rockets. Howard is a program manager at the FAA. He received his B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and his Masters of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Washington. Since moving to the Bay Area, he is no longer Twilight pale from his Seattle, WA days and enjoys DJing and all things outdoors. He also dabbles in photography, and we have Howard to thank for all the lovely headshots displayed on this page!

Sanddi was born and raised in Taiwan, came to the States 5 years ago for school, and is now working as a freelance graphic designer and finishing her degree in Graphic Design from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She was fortunate enough to be an exchange student in the States when she was in high school, and that was how her passion for introducing Taiwanese culture to the world began. She was also born in a Hakka family 客家人, thus she can also speak Hakka.  So feel free to ask her anything about Hakka culture, she’ll be more than happy to share with you!

Jeffrey is Product Marketing Manager at VUDU, a video-on-demand company owned by Walmart. Yes Walmart. After 18 years in New York Jersey, he escaped west, graduating from the University of Michigan with degrees in Economics and Asian Studies before moving further west to Taiwan. After stints in sales for consumer electronics, copywriting for a brand firm and marketing for a legal technology services company, he returned east for an MBA at the Yale School of Management. Afterwards, yes you guessed it, he moved west and immediately started climbing rocks, hiking hills, eating organically and—just kidding. He reads (comic) books, watches movies and TV shows, sometimes travels. Talk to him about Taiwan, digital entertainment, marketing and, of course, professional development.

Frank Meng is an Operations Specialist at Siemens Industry, Inc. Born in Los Angeles, California, Frank spent the majority of his early years in Hsinchu City in Taiwan. For undergraduate, Frank went to the University of Wisconsin at Madison and graduated with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, after which he joined a rotational development program allowing him to live in many different areas of the United States – including Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, and now San Francisco. Frank is currently living in Oakland and is proud and happy to call California “home” again. In his spare time, Frank likes to travel to new places, try new workouts, mountain bike, watch documentaries, catch up on the internet, and meet new people!