2012-2013 Board Members

Roll Jean (RJ) Cheng is currently a manager at Accenture primarily focused on change management for her IT clients. She graduated from the University of Washington with a B.S. Industrial Engineering. At UW, she was involved in the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and was Secretary and President of the group. RJ was the External VP of TAP-SF last year, Community Service/Cultural Chair two years ago, and was a member of TSA (Taiwanese Student Association) during undergrad. She has always had a passion for Taiwanese culture and you could easily find her watching Taiwanese dramas/shows or chowing down on some good Taiwanese food. RJ has a passion for dance including hip hop, jazz, contemporary and classical Chinese. RJ enjoys good conversations, good eats, and good travels!

Gemmy Tsai is a product manager at OpenTable. Previously, he was a management consultant at Monitor Group and later a venture capital associate at FTV Capital. Gemmy graduated from UC Berkeley where he studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and was an active member of the Taiwanese community, co-founding Cal’s TASA (Taiwanese American Student Association) in 2003. Since graduation, Gemmy has served in a variety of leadership roles in professional and community organizations including Inspire, Global Glimpse, and NextGen. Gemmy is an avid restaurant explorer (unsurprising, given his current job!) and has a passion for traveling.

Andrew Chen is a medical device engineer for Johnson & Johnson. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biological systems engineering from UC Davis, and a Masters of Science degree in Engineering from San Jose State University. Andrew has been actively involved with the Taiwanese community since 2001 when he first volunteered for TACL-Leading Youth Forward (then TAYL) as a counselor. In 2009, he became Secretary of TACL-SF, the organization that now runs LYF as one of its major programs. In his spare time he enjoys reading, practicing Brazilian Jujitsu, partaking in motorsports,and experiencing new events.

After she graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, Yvonne moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in search for more adventures and new experiences. In 2008, she started to develop a strong sense of Taiwanese American identity and became an active member in local Taiwanese American communities. She joined TAP and is honored to serve as TAP-SF’s Treasurer. Yvonne is a big believer of sustainable living, and in her spare time, she likes to travel, attend conferences, read, dine, garden, and meet new people.

Howard Chen is a consumer insights analyst at Sony. Previously, he was a consultant at Edgar, Dunn & Company and an undergraduate finance associate at The Walt Disney Company. He graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Economics and a minor in Education. At Cal, he spent his time working event management for the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and volunteering as a teacher/tutor with Fun in Science and Oakland Asian Students Educational Services. Howard has always had a strong sense of Taiwanese American identity and is looking to help create stronger cultural awareness and visibility in the community. Howard enjoys sneakers, basketball, Hip-Hop, and everything Taiwan.

Wilson moved to San Francisco in the summer of 2010 and has grown to love the Bay Area. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a major in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Wilson has worked as a Technology Analyst at an investment bank, an Engineer at a solar energy company, and is currently working as an Analyst for an event management startup. Wilson was born and raised in Queens, NY where he was a frequent visitor of the Taiwanese restaurants in Flushing. He enjoys playing sports, watching basketball and football, and catching a good movie.

Chun is a Systems Engineer for VISA. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from U.C. Riverside. He grew up in Pleasant Hill, CA and has been an active member for Taiwanese organizations for many years starting with attending TAYL in 1995 (Now called LYF Camp). During college he has been involved in several groups performing Lion Dance and Martial arts for cultural shows and hosted several events. Chun moved back to the bay area in 2006. During the past 2011-2012 year Chun has been TAP Social Chair focusing on growing the South Bay presence in TAP. Outside of work Chun enjoys traveling, attending tech conferences, biking, singing karaoke, playing summer and winter sports, and having board game nights with friends.

Jennifer Su was born in Taiwan and raised in the Marin County. After graduating from UC Davis in Managerial Economics, she rediscovered her Taiwanese roots after moving to San Francisco and volunteering in TAP. During her undergrad, she was on the UC Davis Women’s Rugby Team, planned events for student government, and rebuilt homes after Hurricane Katrina. Jennifer’s previous work experience includes the Insurance and Advertising Industry. On her spare time, she enjoys adventurous outdoor activities, salsa dancing, photography, and watching “New Girl”. She has a passion for wine and her future dream is to have a vineyard in Sonoma County.

Jeff Chieh recently moved up to the Bay Area to become a marketing guru for internet start-ups. He holds an MBA from UCLA Anderson and an MS/BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois, where he was previously the Cultural Chair for their Taiwanese-American Students Club. When he’s not pwning noobs in Starcraft, Jeff can be found recording songs on his guitars, dancing crazy at concerts, and relentlessly searching his new city for the perfect 牛肉餡餅.

During the day, Diny Huang works in program management at frog design, building client relationships with startups and Fortune 500 companies while managing team projects in innovation strategy, design research, and detailed design. Prior to frog, Diny worked in the nonprofit field in various roles, including serving as an AmeriCorps Fellow, and is experienced in volunteer recruitment, training, retention, and management. She grew up in Santa Barbara (a city known for its philanthropy), and graduated from the University of California Berkeley (a college renowned for civic activism), so community service has always been a major part of her life. Her goal is to share her passion for volunteering with others, and to show that giving back can be lots of fun! In her free time, Diny also enjoys arts and crafts, exploring the Bay Area, traveling, reading, meeting new friends, eating stinky tofu, and discovering new hobbies like trapeze.

Jonathan Lee is a product manager at Zynga. As a proud Jersey boy, he graduated from Rutgers University majoring in Computer Science and Economics. Afterwards, he joined Merrill Lynch working in compliance surviving the financial crisis and decided to figure out what he really wanted to do at business school. True to manifest destiny, Jonathan received his MBA from University of Chicago Booth School and finally made it to the Bay Area after graduation.
Jonathan has been an active member in the Taiwanese American community first presiding over Rutgers TASA where he directed the 2005 ITASA East Coast Conference. To date, he is still an active advisor for Taiwanese American Next Generation, where he was also executive director, and the Formosan Association of Public Affairs. Though at his core he’s a nerdy gamer, but alas there are always new people to meet and good food to eat.

Victoria Ku grew up in Naperville, IL and is a former Chicagoan! After graduating University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a B.S. in Finance, she became a financial analyst in Chicago for Wells Fargo and later Management Consultant for Accenture. Victoria then (recently) quit her corporate job to move to San Francisco where she is teaching herself code and building a startup that will transform and change the world.

When not teaching herself various programming languages and strategizing for world domination, Victoria can be found joy-riding on her minty green Buddy, and reading in the sunshine. Victoria enjoys various athletics like swimming and soccer, traveling internationally and fire. Victoria hopes to one day write a book about her wild adventures for the sake of inspiring people to be fearless in life.

Vinnie Hung recently moved to San Francisco for a position as senior staff engineer at Jacobs Associates. She studied civil engineering at Cooper Union for her undergraduate education and at Massachusetts Institute of Technology for her masters degree. Coming from New York, she hopes to bring a bit of the New York sparkle to the bay area. She considers herself a bit of a fob, having spent summers as well as 5 whole years living in Taiwan– 2 years in the local elementary school and 3 years in Taipei American School. Vinnie enjoys karaoke, traveling, trying new restaurants, and dabbles in photography. She is excited to have recently moved to the west coast, and hopes to meet new people while promoting success among her fellow Taiwanese American Professionals

Chris Chang has been an active 2nd gen leader in the Taiwanese American community for several years. He graduated from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, where he led organizations such as the Asian Business Association, The Berkeley Group, and Circle K International. Today, he serves as National Vice President of Taiwanese American Citizens League (TACL) and leads TAP nationally. Previously, he was the National Director of Operations for TACL and 2-term President of TAP-SF, where he created and led the founding board in 2010. Locally, he continues to serve as an Advisor/Mentor to the TACL Political Internship Program, JTASA NorCal, and the SF TA Cultural Festival. By day, he is also a Senior Consultant at a global management and strategic consulting firm. In his spare time, he loves dragonboating, traveling, meeting new friends, and going on new adventures.