Member of the Month – David Yeh

David Yeh has helped with numerous TAP events and continues to give back to the community. Some examples include: registration booth for June TAPpy Hour in South Bay; registration booth for the majority of the day during the TAP Olympics; one of the three cooks at the TAP Taiwanese BBQ; volunteered for Happy Kids Day, including staying later than his shift to clean up; help with set up and sang at EOY Luncheon; and lastly, helped create a bridge between TAP-SF and TAJCC-NC.

From: Houston, TX (born in Taipei)

Studied: Electrical Engineering at University of Texas at Austin

Currently doing: semiconductor wet processes at Malema Sensors


1. Why did you decide to get involved with TAP and what was your first event?

To mingle with fellow Taiwanese Americans. First event was either the Asian American Film Festival  two years ago or a Tappy hour in south bay at around the same time.

2. Why is TAP important to you and why do you continue to be so active?

TAP is important because it connects TAs with each other and builds a mutually-beneficial community.

3. How has TAP benefited you the most?

By planning and hosting various fun and/or informative events.

4. What was your favorite TAP event this year and why?

TAP Olympics, because I enjoy outdoor activities. And I think most of us can use more time outdoors anyway and not sit on our butts.

5. What type of events would you like to see TAP do in the future?

There is a wide variety of events already, and they’re great, no complaints here. I suppose I can throw in a Christmas party or political education as additional possibilities. Not to support one party or another (red/blue-USA, green/blue-Taiwan) but to educate members on the ideology and goals of BOTH parties. Call it, to be politically informed in a nonpartisan way, so members can make an informed decision at the polls, whoever he/she is voting for, whether in Taiwan or the US. This idea stems from my perception that most Taiwanese Americans are engaged professionally, culturally, socially, but NOT politically.

6. What do you like to do outside of TAP?

Karaoke, volleyball, play guitar, chess, board games, watching The Daily Show with Jon Steward and Colbert Report, and read interesting, usually space related, books. I recently finished Space Chronicles by Neil deGrasse Tyson and UFOs by Leslie Kean.

7. What is your favorite Taiwanese food and what is your favorite part of Taiwan?

蚵仔煎 hands down! (oyster pancake)

All! Fine, if have to pick one then 忠孝東路 cuz that’s where the awesome is at!

8. Where would you like to see TAP in the future?

Vague question – as in membership, venue/location, or long-term goal? I’ll answer all.

Membership: Obviously, more good members the better. The membership card idea (heard in the theater room before scavenger hunt) was great where members can get discounts at various restaurants, boba places, etc.

Venues: Maybe TAP can organize weekly foodie outings. Just a group get together to try a new restaurant. Board members/chairs attendance optional.

Long-term goal:  In addition to the mission statement, TAP can serve as the go-to organization for ABCs who moved to the bay area, or recent immigrants to plug-in to the community. There are plenty of activities in our portfolio and friendly people to meet that he/she would not feel alone.

9. How would you recommend newer TAP members get involved?

Just go to any TAP event! At the end of which you will be introduced to the board and chairs and future events. Ask for their business cards or talk to me.